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The meta|φραση Translator Training Centre, the only school in Greece that specialises solely in translator training, was founded by British Council translation teachers and professional translators with over 20 years of experience in translation and translator training.

We operate under a Greek state licence as a Life-Long Learning Centre. We have been included in the American Translators Association list of recognised Translator and Interpreter Training Schools around the world and have been similarly acknowledged by the Globalisation and Localisation Association (GALA).

Our highly qualified and experienced Directors of Studies and tutors have a wide range of expertise and specialisations. All our tutors have a rich and lengthy background in translator training and are established professionals in the translation market.

Our highly regarded one-year translator training programme, our distance-learning translator-triaining programme and our wide range of professional seminars are specially designed to offer students the practical and theoretical skills they will need for their entrance in the professional translation market.

We work in close cooperation with recognised British universities to offer our graduates the opportunity to continue their studies at post-Diploma or postgraduate level in Britain.

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